SCM condemns statements made by Ilan Șor against magistrates of the Chisinau Court of Appeal

The Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) qualifies as threats the statements made by Ilan Șor, after the Chisinau Court of Appeal sentenced him to 15 years in prison, according to a statement adopted today, 18 April, by the SCM.

According to the statement, the Council encourages the three judges who pronounced the sentence to inform the SCM and the Prosecutor's Office in case of any threats or pressure exerted by Ilan Șor or his representatives, said SCM member Ion Guzun.

"The Council condemns any threats and pressure on the judiciary and its representatives and calls on the competent institutions to show increased vigilance to combat and prevent any threats and attempts to exert pressure on the judiciary. The Superior Council of Magistracy will take all necessary measures to ensure the independence and security of judges who are intimidated and to exclude any form that could affect the act of justice", said Ion Guzun.

On 13 April, the Chisinau Court of Appeal sentenced Ilan Șor to 15 years in prison. The assets seized will be confiscated in favour of the state, amounting to more than 5 billion lei.

In reaction, Ilan Shor wrote on social media that the three judges had not sentenced him, but themselves. He also threatened that the judges would go to jail for their decision.

The Chisinau Court of Appeals also came out with a reaction to the statements made by fugitive MP Ilan Șor, saying that it regrets the way he reacted to the court's decision without waiting for its reasoning.

Valeria Văcărescu

Valeria Văcărescu


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