A section of railway in the Republic of Moldova will be rehabilitated in partnership with Ukraine

A 400-kilometre-long section of railway in the Republic of Moldova will be rehabilitated in partnership with the Ukrainian company "Ukrzaliznytsia", according to a memorandum signed in Vinnitsa. Ukrainian railway workers will participate in the reconstruction of the railway section, and by the end of 2024 both the speed and capacity of trains will be increased. At the same time, the rehabilitation of the railway section will facilitate the transport of Ukrainian goods to the Black Sea ports.

Reconstruction work on the 400 kilometres of railway will be carried out with the participation of Ukrainian specialists by the end of 2024. This is the North-South Railway Corridor of the Republic of Moldova, which includes the towns of Valcineț-Ocnița-Bălți-Ungheni-Călărași-Căinari. As a result, the speed and capacity of trains will be increased, and this action is an important step in strengthening trade and economic cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The project to rehabilitate the railway section was developed by Moldovan specialists within the framework of the European Commission's Solidarity Lanes initiative. It provides for the development of alternative logistics routes, as well as stimulating the economic development of the Republic of Moldova and facilitating the transport of goods from Ukraine to the European Union.

The project will be implemented with the financial support of external partners. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Commission have already approved a financial package of over €40 million. The total package amounts to €71 million, of which €28 million will be invested from other sources.

The project will also contribute to food security by facilitating access for Ukrainian goods to the largest operational port on the Black Sea, Constanta, as well as to the ports of Galati, Reni, Ismail and Giurgiulesti. Cumulatively, they have an operating capacity that can absorb a significant part of Ukraine's export needs.

Valeria Văcărescu

Valeria Văcărescu


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