NATO must offer Ukraine security guarantees after war with Russia

NATO must discuss options to provide Ukraine with security guarantees for the period after the war with Russia, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

Guests on Radio Moldova's ,,Parallel 47" said that the priority now is for Ukraine to win the war with Russia, after which it can move on to a new stage in its relationship with the North Atlantic Alliance.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski called for a "very clear message" from NATO at the North Atlantic Alliance summit in Vilnius in July that his country could join the alliance "after the war".

Marin Gherman, a lecturer at the Stefan cel Mare University in Suceava, told Radio Moldova that in the current war situation, membership is impossible.

"The model and paradigm proposed by Kiev on security guarantees was proposed last year. Immediately, after those failed rounds of negotiations with the Russian Federation, in the middle of the war that would somehow calm the spirits in Ukraine and mean stability in Ukraine in the post-war period. This means that more states should come up with proposals to ensure the stability and security of the Ukrainian state. On the one hand, some say it's something of an alternative to NATO, it's not NATO to bother Russia too much or not to involve talks that bother. In addition, NATO, non-NATO, so wrote the Kiev press at the time, which would help Kiev in the run-up to NATO membership. It is well known in Kiev that joining NATO, at the moment, in the context of war and there are clear signals from Brussels and other capitals, is not possible," said Marin Gherman.

For his part, the editor-in-chief of the Calea Europeană portal, Robert Lupittu, said that Ukraine has a group of friends who support its accession to NATO.

"Not only that, as such, the support throughout the alliance because this reconfirmation of NATO's decision in Bucharest at the 2008 Summit was also made last year at the Madrid Summit in a paragraph of the Summit and all the allies have assumed this. Now we have nuances, these nuances were also found in the final declaration of the Bucharest Summit, a declaration preceded by a presidential declaration signed by Presidents Iohannis and Zelenski last week in Bulboaca, at the EPC Summit in the Republic of Moldova", concluded Robert Lupittu.

Since the outbreak of the war, Ukraine has received more than $150 billion in aid from Western states, including $65 billion in military aid, with no clear prospect of joining the North Atlantic Alliance.

Ionela Golban

Ionela Golban


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