Moldova: Anti Corruption prosecutor warns of illegal campaign financing

The Anti Corruption Prosecutor's Office (NAC) is investigating several cases of illegal political party financing, and the head of the NAC, Veronica Dragalin, has warned that there is a risk of non-transparent financial resources being used during the upcoming local elections on November 5.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Dragalin said that there are at least five or six separate cases under investigation, targeting "individuals," but she declined to specify which parties or politicians are involved, citing the secrecy of the investigation.

Dragalin said that as the elections approach, there is a risk of further irregularities in relation to political party financing. She said that investigations will continue throughout the campaign.

"We have active investigations and information from multiple sources about criminal activity that is taking place today and which, we assume, will continue during the electoral period," Dragalin said. "If, during the electoral period, a party submits a report containing false information, that is another crime related to illegal political party financing, the submission of a false report, a crime for which Marina Tauber and the Shor political party were sent to court," Dragalin said.

The case of illegal financing of the Shor Party was opened in July 2022. The first person charged in the case was the party's vice-president, MP Marina Tauber. The criminal case has already been sent to court. The authorities are also investigating other members of the party, which has since been declared unconstitutional.

According to prosecutors, the party received over 195.5 million lei from abroad in the period 2022-2023. The money was allegedly used to "promote the interests of the leader of the criminal group, Ilan Shor, to seize power in the state."

The party's lawyer, Aureliu Colenco, has called the dissolution of the Shor Party an abuse of power. The Ministry of Justice has recently established a Commission for the liquidation of the party, which will begin its work in the coming days.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Ionela Golban

Ionela Golban


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