Moldova Airport on Alert: Group Trained to Disrupt Security

People involved in the activities organised by fugitive oligarch Ilan Șor in Moscow are allegedly being trained to create tension upon their return to Moldova, specifically at Chișinău International Airport.

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This claim was made by Border Police Chief Ruslan Galușca during an interview on the "Moldova Live" program.

Galușca alleges that the Șor group's attempts to destabilise the situation, including at the airport, prompted the authorities in Chișinău to impose stricter entry rules at the airport. These stricter rules have since been extended.

"Unfortunately, some Moldovan citizens are using the airport to carry out illegal activities," Galușca said. "What's more, they are instructed that they must disrupt public order at the checkpoint, regardless of the measures taken by security personnel."

Galușca continued, "Whenever we encountered these groups and politely explained that they were subject to standard control procedures, we always received a fairly aggressive response." Interviews with these individuals revealed that they have these instructions from the people who are leading them to create this tense situation at Chișinău International Airport.

The ban on entry to Chișinău International Airport for people who are not travelling will remain in place, including during the summer season and amid recent bomb threats, the Border Police Chief added. Chișinău Airport currently registers around 14,000 crossings daily.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Ecaterina Arvintii

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