Moldovan citizens will need electronic travel authorizations to gain access to Israel

Moldovan citizens will have to get an electronic travel authorization to have access to Israel, informs the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Israel.

According to a press release from the embassy of our country in Israel, the Republic of Moldova will be forced to respond with mutual decisions, in the context of the launch and implementation, starting from July 1, of the electronic travel authorization system, the ETA-IL System.

"The ETA-IL system will have an impact on Moldovan travellers to Israel, many of whom are employees of Israeli companies, and in fact will lead to the unilateral termination of the visa-free regime with the Republic of Moldova by the State of Israel," said the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the State of Israel, Alexandr Roitman.

According to the quoted source, the Republic of Moldova is going to impose a similar system of prior approval for the Israelis to protect the rights of its citizens, and the reciprocal measures will also affect thousands of religious pilgrims who go annually to Ukraine, transiting our country. The details and format of subsequent actions are being examined by the Moldovan authorities and will be communicated later, informs the embassy.

The Republic of Moldova unilaterally abolished the visa regime with Israel in 2011, followed by a visa-free Agreement signed by the two countries in 2014.

Rodica Mazur

Rodica Mazur


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