Vladimir Filat getting ready for general local elections

Ex-Prime Minister Vladimir Filat and members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLMD) are preparing for the general local elections this autumn. The statement was made by Vlad Filat during a broadcast on N4.

Even though he was not fully politically active after his release from prison, Vlad Filat said that he continued to go to the territories with PLDM members.

He is optimistic about the PLDM's ability to return to big politics.

In 2015, Filat stepped down as PLDM chairman after a criminal case was opened against him and his parliamentary immunity was withdrawn. In 2016, Vlad Filat got a nine-year prison sentence for influence peddling and passive corruption. After his early release on parole in December 2019, Vlad Filat said he was not interested in political activity.

Earlier today, Vlad Filat received a decision from the European Court of Human Rights obliging the government to pay him €7,500 in moral damages because the court hearings were held behind closed doors and the public was not allowed access to the trial.

Carolina Străjescu

Carolina Străjescu


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