Chisinau: Thousands of Ukrainian refugees benefit from specialized medical assistance

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Chisinau benefit from specialized medical assistance, claims the deputy mayor of Chisinau, Angela Cutasevici. According to her, Ukrainian citizens have the same treatment and medical services as citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The deputy-mayor also said that since the start of the war, 51 Ukrainian children were born in maternity hospitals in Chisinau.

"We had 9140 refugees who went to the family doctor, were admitted to hospital, we had 1998 refugees, 468 pregnant women received medical assistance, a triple number since the beginning of the war. 6425 children benefited from medical assistance. The number of visits to doctors increased by a third". According to official data, there are currently about 80,000 refugees on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, half of whom are minors.

Viorica Rusica

Viorica Rusica


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