Dorin Recean: Russia cannot reach the Republic of Moldova with military force

Moscow does not have enough resources for an escalation and cannot reach Moldova militarily, says Prime Minister Dorin Recean. During a broadcast on a Romanian TV station, the Prime Minister added that the protests organised in Chisinau by the Shor Party were not real demonstrations, but paid for by groups aligned with Moscow's interests to destabilise the situation in Moldova. The official assured that the risks of destabilisation were manageable and that state institutions could cope with the situation.

"This is a protest paid for by pro-Russian and criminal groups who would otherwise have to serve jail time. They have allied themselves with pro-Russian groups and Moscow interests to try to destabilise Moldova. Officials have a firm hand to stop any attempt at destabilisation. It is my assessment that Russia does not have sufficient sources for escalation. It is clear that Russia cannot reach into the Republic of Moldova militarily. We have these waves when the threat perception is growing, but this is part of an informational, hybrid war," said Dorin Recean.

Recean noted that Moldova is currently protected by Ukraine's air defence capabilities and that the authorities in Chisinau are aware that they need to invest in air defence.

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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