Several CMC councillors could be sanctioned for exceeding their duties

A group of 33 municipal councillors of the Chisinau City Hall could be sanctioned, after the PAS faction challenged at the National Anti-Corruption Centre (CNA) the legality of the 6 Zonal Urban Plans (PUZ) they voted for. CNA representatives confirmed that they had exceeded their duties. On the other hand, some municipal councillors claim that their vote does not contradict legal provisions.

By voting on the six Zonal Urban Planning Plans at the Chisinau City Council meeting on 20-21 December, the 33 municipal councillors showed excessive power and the minutes of the meeting were sent to court, and the court is expected to rule on the final decision, Angela Starinschi, spokeswoman for the National Anti-Corruption Centre, told Radio Moldova.

Municipal councillors could be fined for overstepping their duties, says PAS faction councillor Zinaida Popa. According to her, the PUZs were voted illegally, without being approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

"Those PUZs were voted against the law, i.e. without being approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Although they did not have the necessary approvals, the municipal councillors voted them anyway and knowingly broke the law", explained Zinaida Popa.

One of the councillors who could be sanctioned is the deputy chairman of the PSRM faction in the Chisinau Municipal Council, Dinari Cojocaru. He told our radio station that the councillors voted correctly and that the law was not broken.

"According to our powers as local elected representatives, we have the right to vote on certain PUZs. According to the law, everything was done correctly, and if the ANC or other bodies are pocketing this government it's their problem. They are breaking the law, not us. Unquestionably, I will contest, I am not going to give a penny from my children's mouths," said Dinari Cojocaru.

At the end of last year, PAS municipal councillors filed a complaint with the National Anti-Corruption Centre on the legality of the 6 PUZs voted in the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) by PSRM, Platforma Da, ȘOR, PUN, PCRM, PSDE and other municipal councillors.

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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