Former socialists Vasile Bolea and Alexandr Suhodolskii join the "Rebirth" Party

Former socialists Vasile Bolea and Alexandr Suhodolskii have joined the "Rebirth" Party, led by Seghei Mishin. The announcement was made by the two at a press conference. Vasile Bolea said he took this decision after being expelled from the PSRM.

"To be honest, these days, not receiving any message, no phone call from colleagues, I understood that they no longer need colleagues Bolea Vasile as a person who in all these 13 years has built the foundation of the Party of Socialists, all this work that I carried out over many years, one day, as I said, without questions and scruples all this was deleted. We found ourselves in a situation where I personally had to make a decision one way or the other. I would like to mention that we had discussions within the family and we have already decided if the former team no longer needs Vasile Bolea to join the new team of the "Renaissance" Party, said Vasile Bolea.

Last week, the Executive Committee of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova asked the Republican Council of the PSRM to exclude Vasile Bolea and Alexandr Suhodolskii from the party. At the same time, the Committee asked the two to give up their mandates as MPs.

Earlier, several media sources wrote that Vasile Bolea and Alexandr Suhodoliskii, together with former candidate for the position of Bashkan Victor Petrov, had gone to Israel, where they were supposed to meet the leader of the "ȘOR" party, Ilan Șor, sentenced to 15 years in prison in the "bank fraud" case.

On Friday, on his return from Israel, Vasile Bolea confirmed that he had met fugitive Ilan Șor. He also said that he intends to leave the PSRM, but will remain an independent MP.

Ionela Golban

Ionela Golban


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