Nicu Popescu on the EPC Summit: "Our objective is to strengthen the role of the Republic of Moldova in the family of European states"

The European Political Community (EPC) Summit is an investment for the European future of the Republic of Moldova and an opportunity to exchange ideas, socialize and build additional bridges, said participants at the international conference on the expectations of the Summit, held Thursday in Chisinau.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, said that in the coming years, absolutely every step, every stage in our accession path must be supported, voted on, supported by each member state of the European Union.

"This is by far the most important foreign policy event for our country. It is the moment when we will have more than 50 delegations in Chisinau. Our objective is to strengthen the role of the Republic of Moldova in the family of European states. This Summit really gives us the opportunity to make up for many shortcomings that we have had as a society and a country in our interaction with external partners over the last 30 years", explained Nicu Popescu.

The European Political Community will facilitate the expression of intentions that could then be translated into concrete actions by all European countries, regardless of their status, said Steven Blockmans, research director at the Centre for European Policy and Studies. In his view, this Community is not a substitute for other cooperation formats, such as the Eastern Partnership.

"For the candidate countries, Moldova, Ukraine, we now have to work to make it clear that this is not a substitute for EU enlargement. There are certain deliverables expected. It's about connectivity, energy," said Steven Blockmans.

The EU is looking at ways to adjust its enlargement policy. However, the launch of the European Political Community does not mean the abolition of the Eastern Partnership, said Iulian Groza, executive director of the Institute for European Policy and Reform.

"We see that, at the same time, the European Union is looking for ways to adjust enlargement policies to ease the transition of these three countries in the context of EU enlargement, looking for the right instruments, the opportunities that are put in front of the countries with EU candidate status," said Iulian Groza.

The conference participants also mentioned that the European Political Community Summit is a historic event for our country, which places it at the epicentre of European diplomacy. At the same time, they underlined that the June 1 event confirms once again the European perspective of our country, the aspirations of which were also announced at the "European Moldova" Assembly on May 21.

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai



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