EU Boosts Moldova's Defences with €137 Million Aid

The European Union (EU) has significantly bolstered the defence capabilities of the Moldovan Armed Forces with the donation of 16 new military ambulances and associated medical equipment.

Jānis Mažeiks, Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, announced the donation, highlighting its role in modernising and strengthening the Moldovan military to meet European standards. This enhanced capacity will also enable Moldova to contribute more effectively to international peacekeeping missions.

“The deliveries also included equipment to strengthen explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) capabilities,” Mažeiks noted. “This marks the beginning of a broader EU support package for Moldova’s defence sector. To date, the EU has committed a total of €137 million to support the Moldovan Armed Forces, with additional support planned for later this year and beyond.”

The European Peace Instrument (EPF) will provide further assistance in areas critical to Moldova’s defence, including logistics, mobility, command and control systems, cyber defence, drone reconnaissance, air defence, and electronic warfare capabilities.

“This support underscores the EU’s unwavering commitment to peace and stability in Moldova,” Mažeiks emphasised.

Moldovan Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatîi expressed his appreciation for the EU’s assistance, acknowledging its crucial role in modernising the military’s engineering and medical capabilities. He emphasised that the equipment will be utilised by medical personnel for training exercises and deployed during specific missions.

“The European Union stands alongside Moldova in our efforts to maintain peace and strengthen national resilience, including the modernization of our national defence sector,” Nosatîi stated. “In the current fragile security environment, Moldova needs this support more than ever to bolster its national resilience against hybrid threats and ensure peace and stability for its citizens.”

The Moldovan National Army has previously benefited from EU support through the EPF. Since 2021, the EU has provided €47 million in medical and engineering equipment to assist Moldovan civilian authorities in responding to crisis and emergency situations. Additionally, in 2023, the EU Council of Foreign Affairs approved a new €40 million assistance package specifically dedicated to strengthening Moldova’s defence capabilities.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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