Should Phones Be Banned in Schools? Moldova Gets Answers

The Ministry of Education plans to establish regulations on mobile phone use in schools this September.

Minister Dan Perciun announced the decision during an interview on Agora's "Descifrat" program. This follows a questionnaire conducted by the Ministry, where a majority of respondents expressed support for such regulations.

Perciun revealed that the Ministry met with school principals last week. They will present data indicating that many schools have already implemented their own rules regarding mobile phones, albeit with variations. The Ministry acknowledges the challenges associated with regulating phone use but emphasises the existence of a national precedent for such rules. Additionally, Perciun highlighted the growing international trend of implementing similar regulations in schools.

The Ministry's questionnaire garnered nearly 13,000 responses. Education Minister Dan Perciun disclosed that roughly 78% of respondents believe mobile phone use in schools should be regulated.

Diving deeper into the data, the survey results show that among those who favour regulations, 48% believe students should be permitted to bring phones to school but keep them secured in lockers or designated boxes. Meanwhile, 30% of respondents expressed support for a complete ban or limitations on mobile phone access within educational institutions.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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