Survey: Nearly half of Moldova's population supports the country's accession to the EU

The Moldovan accession to the European Union is the right way for the development of the Republic of Moldova, according to almost half of the respondents of a survey conducted by ,,Magenta Consulting", and 34% - believe that our country should maintain relations with the Russian Federation - said in a press briefing the founder of ,,Magenta Consulting", Dumitru Slonovschi.

According to the survey, more citizens of those interviewed believe that the Russian Federation is to blame for the war in Ukraine.

"Approximately half (48%) of the population believes that Moldova should join the European Union. However, we still have 34 percent who support the model of relations with the Russian Federation, the Belarus model or close relations with Belarus-Russia. However, it is important that almost half of the population is in favour of European integration. More than 30 percent believe that Ukraine is right, 16 percent - that it is not right, but about 26 percent believe that the Russian Federation is right and rather right in the war in Ukraine," Slonovschi said.

Dumitru Slonovschi, also said that the majority of citizens who participated in the survey cited domestic problems such as corruption, protectionism, the main obstacle in the process of European integration.

The survey was conducted face-to-face in the Republic of Moldova between 11 January and 6 February, with a sample of 1,421 people. Margin of error ±2.9%.

Carolina Străjescu

Carolina Străjescu


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